Line Producer

Line Producer

The executive producer guarantees complete control in creating a programme, within the framework of approved budgets. He engages teams and establishes contracts in accordance with labour laws and collective agreements. He gathers the technical means through the use of service providers and is present on the set. He monitors the production of the programme and controls the budget and deadlines. “

The know-how acquired over the years in the production of films for national and international broadcasters has resulted in 95 films 26′s and 20 films from 52′s, which Chilled Prod was entrusted to make – writing, production and direction – in seven years.

Let us make the brief and manage the video production project from start to finish – it’s what we’re good at. Our team oversees all of the creative process, project management, pre-production, shooting and post-production to deliver the finished article with minimal levels of disruption to your organisation.

 Our Production Network

With a production network stretching across five continents, our job is to match writing with direction. One is carried out in London and the other across the world. Whatever the country in which a production is to be organised, with a few clicks of the mouse or a phone call, a shooting schedule can be arranged to meet any given requirements.

A Word About Budgets

Every video production project is different and we understand that our partners will have diverse requirements and budgets. The best thing to do is talk through each other’s ideas and we’ll be able to define together an accurate quote. We’re used to working with a wide range of budgets so get in touch and let’s talk.

Time To Work Together !